E Pluribus Unum Roundup February 23rd 2016

It has been an interesting couple of weeks here at The Original Motto Project.  We received our new banner and launched the membership part of the website.  And as usual we spend a great deal of time exposing those government agencies attempting to promote religion on government property by placing In God We Trust all over.


But that is not why you came here today.  You want to know what government agencies have started to promote the unconstitutional phrase “In God We Trust”, so let’s get right into that.  Since this is the first of our weekly reports we are going to go back a bit to cover them all.


February 10th

First we have Pinehurst Texas where the city council approved the placement if the phrase on all city vehicles.

“I believe it is time we take back our country one city at a time”, said Council member George “Mike” Anderson.  
You can contact the Pinehurst City council on their website.

They also made a post on the police department’s Facebook page.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

February 11th

We came across a report that the San Angelo Texas police department had decided to add it to their patrol cars.  
In a press release, the department stated,
The San Angelo Police Department adds our Nation’s Motto “In God We Trust” to its marked Patrol Units.

“In God We Trust” has been our Nation’s Motto since 1956 and has appeared on our currency since the mid 1860s. This motto is not only a reminder of the principles our country was founded on but has become a patriotic symbol. The San Angelo Police Department is proud to add this motto to its Patrol Units to serve as a reminder to the public the SAPD continues to hold to values our country was built upon and we are united as Americans.

(image San Angleo PD)


February 17th

The County Commission of Mcdowell West Virginia approved the request from Sheriff Martin West to add “In God We Trust” decals to the back of marked cruisers.  

(image WVVA)



Stem Fire Dept. became the first fire department in Granville county NC to add “In God We Trust” to every fire truck.

(image via Twitter)


The Covington Louisiana police department added In God We Trust to their vehicles.  The cheif released a statement about it here.

(image via Facebook)


February 20th

Kendall County Texas spent money from drug seizures to pay his new stickers.  Sheriff Auxier said “My thought process is I have a completely different idea about the separation of church and state.”




Pierce City MO added it their vehicles using donations from the local First Baptist Church and the Parish Council of Catholic Women at St, Mary’s.

(image via Monnett Times)
(image via Monnett Times)


February 22
News came out of South Carolina of a bill sitting in the  House Committee on Education and Public Works that would require the posting of In God We Trust in all public school buildings.


Named “National Motto Display Act”, it proposes an addtion to the current statute.
“Section 59-1-144.    Each local school board shall display the motto ‘In God We Trust’, which is declared in 36 U.S.C. Section 302 to be the national motto of the United States, in the lobby of each school building. This display may take the form of, but is not limited to, a mounted plaque or may include artwork as a result of a student contest that will be prominently displayed in each school building.”


Robert Ray

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