Failing to display national motto in school might become a crime in Tennessee

On March 21, Tennessee lawmakers passed a bill that would require “” to be displayed “in a prominent location in each school.” Some more reasonable lawmakers suggested that making the display a requirement might be a little too much. Representative Lynn, who originally sponsored the legislation, disagreed. In the video below, you can hear her argument for keeping the verbiage (shall vs. may), which makes displaying the motto a requirement.

Lynn is the same representative who argued that an amendment requiring the secular motto to be displayed alongside “In God We Trust” constituted a “hostile” attack on her bill.

The “In God We Trust” bill is currently awaiting the governor’s signature.

Can you say “paranoid theocracy”?

Thomas Essel

Thomas Essel is an outspoken secular activist and serves as Assistant Director for The Original Motto Project. Thomas also writes for the Patheos Atheist blog Danthropology and his work has appeared in the Springfield News-Leader. You can contact Thomas at: