An ally in Shelton WA

On April 18th the Shelton WA city council heard from citizens about adding an In God We Trust plaque to their chambers.
I am not going to go much further than that the assertions made by the folks suggesting this are a bit off.

Well, I couldn’t let this go unchallenged so close to my home.  I took the 3 hour drive down and made the offer to provide an E Pluribus Unum or We the People plaque to go along with the In God We Trust sign.

Little did I know that I would make a friend there.  The first speaker is Darrell Barker representing the FFRF. We talked for a bit after the meeting and exchanged contact info.  Looks like we may be working together on some more stuff.  Look out Mason County.

One comment on “An ally in Shelton WA
  1. I like how the woman at the end thinks substituting a different word for “God” is a better idea after hearing the other parties. And she is clearly Christian. I even find her suggestion worthwhile and it should be considered in proposals. E Pluribus Unum or “We the People” of course should be considered first choices for clear historic and symbolic reasons, this suggestion is a fair one.

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