Arkansas Motto Posters-The next phase

Recently the state of Arkansas passed AR HB1980 The National Motto, “In God We Trust”, Display Act.  This act requires the phrase  “In God We Trust be posted in all public school classrooms and any state maintained buildings.  However, the funds for these plaques must not come from government sources and must be donated by the public.
This is an egregious and blatant violation of the separation of church and state.  We can not allow this to go without action from The Original Motto project.
The American Atheist have already sent letters to all the school superintendents asking them to reject any donations to put up the plaques.

We have decided to take a slightly different course here at The Original Motto Project.  We plan to suggest that as part of the display they may put up for In God We Trust but it should be part of a larger historically accurate display including the motto chosen by the founders and the context surrounding the change to the official motto.

We feel that with this approach, we will be able to get the original motto in more schools under the proper historical context.
That is why we are willing to donate posters to the schools with the true historical context of both mottoes in one frame.


But we need your help.  We are raising funds to provide these to every school district and government building in Arkansas.

Visit our Go Fund Me campaign

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