I would like to introduce you to a new movement that is making its way across America.

We are on a mission to have the words E Pluribus Unum in every municipal building across the country.

We believe that the phrase E Pluribus Unum promotes the truly inclusive nature of American society.

In 1776, the newly formed nation needed an official seal for use on its document.  To accomplish this, they assigned Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin to create one.  While their design was turned down, it brought to the discussion one of the greatest phrases ever to be offered as a motto for these United States.

The phrase “E Pluribus Unum” was accepted in 1782 as the motto on the official seal for the United States government.  It is in use on several federal seals and is prominent on all our currency.

That is the original motto, as our founding fathers intended.  It was no accident that this phrase made it onto the official seal.  

We are a nation of diversity. Our strength comes from our differences.  We are able to accomplish much more when we work together as a unit than we ever could as individuals.

This is what makes America great.  Our early history shows this when the thirteen independent colonies banded together to stand up to tyranny.  And again when they joined to create the greatest nation on Earth.  Out of these many and very diverse colonies came the one United States of America.

There is another movement in America’s cities and counties to install the words “In God We Trust” in every single government building regardless of the opinion of the citizens. This, if it were not the motto, would be easily interpreted as a violation of the First Amendment. 

It has also been extremely divisive in nearly every municipality it has been discussed.  It intentionally leaves out an entire section of the population, those with no belief in gods.

 It is time to have a motto all Americans can be proud to say.  It is time for “E Pluribus Unum.”

We are asking you to put up a plaque with “E Pluribus Unum” on your walls stating your support for our diverse community and for what this country was founded on.

So far we have two counties that have decided to put up an E Pluribus Unum plaque on their walls.  Del Norte County California and Pierce County WA both decided to add it along side their In God We Trust displays.  

Will you join them in representing all your citizens?

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