Breaking Down Florida In God We Trust Bill Introduction

On Tuesday January 22nd Representative Kim Daniels (D) filed a bill in the Florida House of Representative that would require that all Florida public school conspicuously the phrase In God We Trust in classrooms and in all buildings.  This is almost the exact same bill that passed last year in Arkansas. Daniels was kind enough to provide […]

In God We Trust does show bias against non-believers

We here at The Original Motto Project have long held that having In God We Trust on law enforcement vehicles gives the impression that non-religious people would be treated differently by the officers in those vehicles. Thanks to Twitter user Bartman, we now have confirmation that we were right, at least with him anyway. During […]

Arkansas Motto Posters-The next phase

Recently the state of Arkansas passed AR HB1980 The National Motto, “In God We Trust”, Display Act.  This act requires the phrase  “In God We Trust be posted in all public school classrooms and any state maintained buildings.  However, the funds for these plaques must not come from government sources and must be donated by the […]