Breaking the Wall

When I hired Troy to create this political style cartoon, I never really imagined that the day would come when I could use it to accurately describe a single bill going through any legislature.

The Mississippi State House decided to prove me wrong.

In House Bill 1100 is set up to amend the current legislation that requires   in public schools to add a poster in each classroom.  On top of that it also requires the teachers  begin they day by reciting those same .

But not all is lost, they thought about any objecting students and teachers by allowing the to be excused without penalty.

This is a prime example of why we need to oppose In God We Trust on any and all government property.  In this case, it literally created a situation where a legislator thought that this law might actually pass the Lemon Test.


Robert Ray

Robert is the founder of The Original Motto Project. He is a avid secular activist that likes to dabble into small electronics in his spare time. He and his wife Amy co-host the Secular Yakking podcast. He lives in the Puget sound with his wife and 3 daughters.