Bring Back our Motto Rally

We are having a rally to “Bring Back our Motto” It is time we started taking action and making our voices heard.
Come support the Separation of Church and State. Come support the original motto, as our founders intended.
 Bring your signs and voices.
Church State Fin
While we are there, the Reverend Franklin Graham will be having is Decision America tour rally on the Capitol steps less than a mile away.
We will be there to show our support for the principles our nation was really founded upon.

The rally will be held on the East Lawn of the Olympia Capitol campus beginning at 11AM.

For more details go to or our Facebook event



Robert Ray

Robert is the founder of The Original Motto Project. He is a avid secular activist that likes to dabble into small electronics in his spare time. He and his wife Amy co-host the Secular Yakking podcast. He lives in the Puget sound with his wife and 3 daughters.