Wentzville Mayor removes Secular Citizen

Recently the City of Wentzville MO added an In God We Trust sign to their city council chambers.  This did not sit well with some locals. The local representative for The Original Motto Project, Sally Hunt, attended the meeting and voiced dissent from us and other citizens. That meeting did not end well for Sally. […]

Wentzville Missouri Press Release

Contact: Robert Ray The Original Motto Project Phone 201-596-4378 Epluribusunum@originalmotto.us PO Box 1956 Mount Vernon WA 98273 The Original Motto Project Press Release Citizens propose a different Motto for Wentzville City Council Wentzville MO, February 14, 2018:  A representative of the Original Motto project and citizens from around Wentzville Missouri will be at the February […]

“In God We Trust” can be defeated

Last year, I was in Sacramento, CA for California Freethought Day representing The Original Motto Project. Whenever I attend conferences like Freethought Day, there is never a shortage of atheists and secularists who express to me how irksome they find our current national motto, “In God We Trust.” I often hear words of encouragement like “keep up […]

Breaking Down Florida In God We Trust Bill Introduction

On Tuesday January 22nd Representative Kim Daniels (D) filed a bill in the Florida House of Representative that would require that all Florida public school conspicuously the phrase In God We Trust in classrooms and in all buildings.  This is almost the exact same bill that passed last year in Arkansas. Daniels was kind enough to provide […]

In God We Trust does show bias against non-believers

We here at The Original Motto Project have long held that having In God We Trust on law enforcement vehicles gives the impression that non-religious people would be treated differently by the officers in those vehicles. Thanks to Twitter user Bartman, we now have confirmation that we were right, at least with him anyway. During […]