Hemphill County Saga Continues

Anyone that is active here at The Original Motto Project (TOMP) knows that the most obnoxious thorn in our sides is being blocked and deleted by government agencies (mostly Sheriff’s departments) on social media. Time after time, whenever someone comments to these agencies expressing their dissent to the addition of religious motto, the comments are […]

The difference between patriotism and violating the First Amendment

Greetings from the Cashew Chicken capital of the world!  For anyone wondering whatever became of the dust-up between me and the sheriff of Mountain Grove, MO—don’t worry.  I will be publishing a follow-up to that story when I have all the details compiled.  In other news, there have been some truly startling events since the […]

Texas Sheriff Blatantly Violates Texas Constitution

James Pearson, the Sheriff of Hemphill County in Texas, has taken his trust in God to a whole new, and wholly unconstitutional, level. In a Facebook post dated October 15th, Sheriff Pearson unveiled the new decals that will be featured on county patrol vehicles. It’s fairly standard now for law enforcement agencies to skirt the […]