In God We Trust does show bias against non-believers

We here at The Original Motto Project have long held that having In God We Trust on law enforcement vehicles gives the impression that non-religious people would be treated differently by the officers in those vehicles.

Thanks to Twitter user Bartman, we now have confirmation that we were right, at least with him anyway.

During a short Twitterbate over In God We Trust on law enforcement vehicles, Bartman, whose profile says he is an “Ex COP” stated

“A none believer as you say would probably have a higher chance of giving Law Enforcement a problem.!”


The problem is that his claim untrue. The non-religious have roughly the same chance of “giving…a problem” as a believer. They are just as human and prone to resist as anyone else.

All I can say to him is thanks for verifying what we had thought for so long. Thanks for showing us that we would not get fair treatment from law enforcement officers because of some bias he has against “none believers.”


Robert Ray

Robert is the founder of The Original Motto Project. He is a avid secular activist that likes to dabble into small electronics in his spare time. He and his wife Amy co-host the Secular Yakking podcast. He lives in the Puget sound with his wife and 3 daughters.