Support The Original Motto Project by signing up for a membership today! All proceeds go towards funding our materials, projects, and events.

Level I Membership

A level I membership includes the following:

  • Cost $5 per month, or $50 upfront for the year
  • Give the member access to the members-only Facebook group
  • A bumper sticker
  • In the future, only paid members will have voting privileges on TOMP projects and other issues, such as: locations for our billboard campaign and the message presented, swag items, activism campaigns, etc.
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Level II Membership

A level II memberships includes all the above, with the following additions:

  • Cost $10 per month, or $100 upfront dollars for the year
  • An official Original Motto Project T-shirt or similar item (like a stamp)
  • A personalized thank-you note from TOMP staff.
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Group Memberships

Group memberships are intended for organizations like local atheist/skeptic groups.

  • $20 dollars a month, or $200 dollars up front for the year
  • Bumper stickers for up to 30 members of that organization
  • TOMP will promote any activism or charity work done by an endorsing organization.
  • All members of the organization will be given access to the TOMP official membership area.
  • Gives all members of the organization voting privileges on TOMP issues (a staff member will contact you after registration).
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