Shaking things up

Well hello everyone!

There are a few minor and a few major changes here at The Original Motto Project.

Firstly, we are restructuring our management team so that the decision making process flows more smoothly. Much of this restructuring is just a change in titles to more accurately reflect what the management teams actually does. Robert Ray will now be the Executive Director and Thomas Essel will be the Assistant Director. Christapher McDowell will still be handling outreach, with a focus on social media and fundraising.

For those not aware, Joe Zamecki is no longer with the project. He’ll be focusing his energies on other issues and we wish him the best of luck in the future. It was a pleasure working with Joe and his input will be missed.

Joe’s replacement will be Nikki Moungo. Nikki will be working as our public and media relations coordinator.

For announcements, we are working on a membership package for people to become official members of The Original Motto Project. There will be a small fee for this (hey, we need money people!). We are still ironing out the details for what perks members will receive, but there will likely be a “members only” Facebook group, a monthly Google Hangout with the management team, prizes (free stuff!), being a guest on our weekly TOMP Talks show, and the ability to vote and directly influence the direction of the project.

We also have a billboard design in-mind. We are going to use the EPU Selfies we received along with the phrase “Bring Back our Motto!” If you want your selfie included, be sure to let us know by commenting on Facebook or emailing us at It’s also looking like Springfield, Missouri will be the location for the billboard.

For now, that’s all. Carry on!



Thomas Essel

Thomas Essel is an outspoken secular activist and serves as Assistant Director for The Original Motto Project. Thomas also writes for the Patheos Atheist blog Danthropology and his work has appeared in the Springfield News-Leader. You can contact Thomas at: