Project Blitz has made its way into North Carolina

North Carolina is not immune to Project Blitz either.  A new bill introduced into the House is yet another attempt to make public schools Christian indoctrination centers. House Bill 965 would require local boards of education to adopt policies to: Require the display of the United States and North Carolina flags in each classroom, when […]

Oppose the Louisiana In God We Trust in Classrooms act

Opposing SB224 The In God We Trust Classroom Act Not later than the 2019-2020 school year, the program of instruction on patriotic customs required by this Section shall include instruction on the national motto, “In God We Trust”, and each public school governing authority shall display the national motto in each building it uses and in […]

Arkansas Motto Posters-The next phase

Recently the state of Arkansas passed AR HB1980 The National Motto, “In God We Trust”, Display Act.  This act requires the phrase  “In God We Trust be posted in all public school classrooms and any state maintained buildings.  However, the funds for these plaques must not come from government sources and must be donated by the […]