Project Blitz has made its way into North Carolina

North Carolina is not immune to Project Blitz either.  A new bill introduced into the House is yet another attempt to make public schools Christian indoctrination centers. House Bill 965 would require local boards of education to adopt policies to: Require the display of the United States and North Carolina flags in each classroom, when […]

Failing to display national motto in school might become a crime in Tennessee

On March 21, Tennessee lawmakers passed a bill that would require “In God We Trust” to be displayed “in a prominent location in each school.” Some more reasonable lawmakers suggested that making the display a requirement might be a little too much. Representative Lynn, who originally sponsored the legislation, disagreed. In the video below, you […]

In God We Trust: the way forward in Arkansas

Back in April, the legislature of Arkansas enacted Act 911, which mandates that, if funds are made available through donations, the motto “In God We Trust” be displayed in public schools. In response, American Atheists wrote a letter to all 262 school district superintendents in Arkansas threatening litigation if they complied with the law.