In God We Trust: the abuse of reality

In 1964 Henry Morgenthau, the founder of realist international relations theory, advised that we should not be deceived by the glaring discrepancy between America’s professed values and the actual historical record. Morgenthau claimed that the professed ideals of America—liberty, justice, freedom, and self-determination—constituted reality, whereas the record of America’s imperialist, colonialist, white supremacist history merely […]

In God We Trust: the way forward in Arkansas

Back in April, the legislature of Arkansas enacted Act 911, which mandates that, if funds are made available through donations, the motto “In God We Trust” be displayed in public schools. In response, American Atheists wrote a letter to all 262 school district superintendents in Arkansas threatening litigation if they complied with the law.

Hemphill County Saga Continues

Anyone that is active here at The Original Motto Project (TOMP) knows that the most obnoxious thorn in our sides is being blocked and deleted by government agencies (mostly Sheriff’s departments) on social media. Time after time, whenever someone comments to these agencies expressing their dissent to the addition of religious motto, the comments are […]