How to make the Original Motto happen

Step One

Oppose the drive to have the current national motto displayed on public buildings

There is a drive in America today by evangelicals to have In God We Trust installed on every municipal building.  This simply has to stop.  We need to oppose this every time it comes up for discussion in our local councils.
There are a number of groups pushing for this.  One of the most aggressive is In God We Trust America.  They have manage to convince over 500 cities and counties to post it on the walls of their chambers.

While our team of crack staff is really good at tracking down these, we still need your help.  If you know of any  instances of local governments trying to inject or promote religion, feel free to let us know by clicking the button below.

 Step Two

Ask your local government to display the original motto

We can’t just stop at fighting against the drive to display the current motto.  We must also offer them an alternative.  Offering the original motto as an alternative may be the best option for fighting the display of In God We Trust.  It will allow them to show their patriotism for the heritage of this country and promote an inclusive culture of the government. If you would like us to contact your local council, please contact us.

Submit a resolution

Step Three

Change the Motto

 The only way we will effect lasting change will be to make sure we have an all inclusive motto that all Americans can be proud of.  Send a letter congress telling them you want to go back to the original motto.

Send a letter to Congress


Step Four

Support our Movement

Help us get the message out to others by sharing our pages and information.  You can also help us directly by becoming a patron and support us on a monthly basis.


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