The Polk County Georgia Sheriff Really Loves Jesus

In Polk County, Georgia, the Sheriff’s Office really loves Jesus. Like, a lot. In fact, it is difficult to tell from the Sheriff’s Facebook page whether or not they are actually a Christian ministry that does on the side.

Take, for example, this post from April 13th:

Screenshot (5)

Or this post, from the same day:

Screenshot (6)

Apparently, the Sheriff doesn’t just post Bible verses, he also purchases Bibles in bulk:

Screenshot (11)

The Sheriff’s Office also enjoys advertising for Churches :

Screenshot (10)




Screenshot (4)

Notice how they are all Baptist Churches. I’m sure that’s coincidence.

There isn’t explanation for this, but I’m sure you can use your imagination:

Screenshot (9)


Also, the Sheriff’s Office has a painting of the on the wall of their lobby. I called them yesterday (9/3/15) to confirm that the painting was still up. When I asked about the painting, the lady in their administration office told me it was still there and then hung up on me. So rude.

Screenshot (12)


It’s funny that people like this will defend as nothing more than “affirming our national motto,” but then post the commandments of Yahweh below it. I thought the word “God” was supposed to be any god you wanted? I think these posts make it clear what the Sheriff Office’s intentions are. Later today, I will be contacting the ACLU, FFRF, and Americans United For about possible legal action. More as this develops.

In the meantime, feel free to follow the link provided above and let the Sheriff know what you think! If you comment, be sure to screenshot your comment in case it gets deleted!!!

You can also call them at:  770-749-2900

or visit their website for more contact information.


Images: Polk County Sheriff’s Office / Facebook / Screenshot

Thomas Essel

Thomas Essel is an outspoken secular activist and serves as Assistant Director for The Original Motto Project. Thomas also writes for the Patheos Atheist blog Danthropology and his work has appeared in the Springfield News-Leader. You can contact Thomas at: